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Apptopia, Set for a Post-SXSW Launch, Is an Exit Strategy for Unprepared Developers

The Apptopia office.

This is a guest post by Brady Donnelly, an editor at Fueled, a New York-based mobile design and development agency. Follow him on Twitter at @bradydonnelly and email him at

Jonathan Kay and Eli Sapir, cofounders of the soon-to-be-launched app market Apptopia, have a problem with App Store over-saturation. “It’s quite inefficient for us to see 216 flashlight apps when it’s one of the single most simple functions on the entire App Store,” Mr. Kay said. “You also have big Fortune 500 companies spending upwards of $100,000 to build apps that mostly already exist. Why not acquire an app for $20,000, build off of that technology, and save yourself nearly 30 to 40 percent of the cost?”

The solution they’ve created is a marketplace, set to open shortly after SXSW, that allows developers to sell what Mr. Kay described as “exclusive rights” – not just code, but App Store-listed apps in their entirety, including existing revenue, users, and App Store statistics. Read More