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Startup News: Disrupting Burner Phones and Brunch With Jake Lodwick and Bre Pettis


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Booting Up: Have a ff-ing Happy Holidays

ff venture capital

The Federal Trade Commission broadened restrictions on the types of data companies can gather on Internet users under the age of 13, and closed a loophole that allowed third-parties to gather kids’ information without parental approval. [FTC]

So much for Facebook’s anticipated external ad network, at least for now. The social media giant is halting testing on a program that would use social data to place ads on third-party sites. [AllThingsD]

The New York Stock Exchange touted its role in the startup community, noting that 52 percent of 2012’s tech IPOs listed on the Big Board, and and even showing enough tact to refrain from mentioning that Facebook’s high-profile IPO debacle wasn’t one of them. [NYSE]

Elepath is set to launch Moonbase, a plug and play service that lets users create web animations—without learning how to code. [The Verge]

Alas, the terrible things that didn’t happen to Flavorpill digital media developer James Reston as he skated his longboard to work. [The Onion]

Here’s wishing you an ff-ing happy holidays. [David Teten/ff Venture Capital]

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Rumor Roundup: Apple Aggressively Recruits Devs to Fix Maps, Jake Lodwick’s Office Ball Pool

Jakob Lodwick

It’s a gloomy, rainy Friday in New York, but we’re about to serve you a piping hot bowl of gossip. Bon appetit!

Map-maker, Map-maker, Build Me a Map! If Tim Cook‘s mea culpa wasn’t enough to demonstrate how hard Apple is scrambling to fix its iOS 6 mapocalypse, then how about its last ditch recruiting techniques to find Ruby developers? Mojo Talantikite, a cluster engineer at Engine Yard in New York City, said he (and a number of his technically talented friends) have been hit up by Apple recruiters recently.

“I don’t think it’s too out of the ordinary for a company to scramble to soak up talent once they figure out their product is deficient,” he told Betabeat by email. “But considering that the beta of Apple Maps was terrible three months ago, you’d think they would have started the aggressive recruitment phase then,” he said, adding, “It’s pretty easy to realize they are in put out the fire mode.” Read More

Wedding Season

Rachel Sterne and Jakob Lodwick Got Married This Weekend (But Not to Each Other)

jakob lodwick

Love must be in the sticky, humid, sweltering air this season. After three Facebook mafia nuptials in a succession, New York techies are taking their turn at the altar.

The New York Times covered Rachel Sterne‘s East Hamptons wedding to LiveStream founder and CEO Maxime Haot twice in the past two months, once in a trend story about live-streaming your special day. (Yes, they live-streamed it. No, you couldn’t watch without a password.)

However, Vimeo cofounder Jakob Lodwick, perhaps burned by the public’s response to previous displays of affection, avoided the paper of record’s carefully combed-over Wedding section. Read More


Exclusive: Jake Lodwick Raises $1-2 M. To Build Elepath, a Software Studio

Who dreams of electric sheep

Vimeo co-founder and internet eccentric Jake Lodwick has just raised around $1.5 million from a gaggle of big name New York tech types including Chris Dixon, Lerer Ventures, David Karp, Bre Pettis and David Tisch. The interesting part is, he doesn’t have an idea for a product, at least not yet.

“I just don’t think it makes sense to have a product idea, THEN raise money, THEN build a team,” Mr. Lodwick told Betabeat over Gchat last night. “People need to trust each other and build up momentum as a team and once we have that, we can drop everything and focus on a great product idea.” Read More