Booting Up: Even a Billion Dollars Isn’t Cool Edition

So close to this, you guys. (Photo: Pinterest, duh)

Actually, being in the billion dollar startup club kind of sucks. [New York Times]

Any person with children who purchases a computer in the U.K. will be forced to apply anti-porn safety controls to it, because there’s absolutely no way kids who want to look at porn will be able to get around that. [Daily Mail]

Cisco balls so hard they just dished out $1.2 billion in cash for Meraki, a wifi startup. [TechCrunch]

How did nerds impact the election? Turns out 30,000 Redditors registered to vote after President Obama linked to a voter registration page in his AMA. [The Atlantic]

According to U.S. search results, Americans care more about Twinkies than the Israel/Gaza conflict. We are all the worst. [Virtus Machina]


Booting Up: Biodegradable Servers Edition

(Photo: Reddit)

With 3.8 billion pageviews and 46 million unique visitors, Reddit CEO Yishan Wong published a post to the Reddit blog asking users to buy beefed-up premium memberships in order to support the growing site. [Reddit Blog]

A handful of geography professors took some of the racist tweets sent out after President Obama’s re-election and mapped them. It will surprise no one that the majority of these tweets were clustered in the Southeast U.S. [Floating Sheep]

Facebook’s hardware team wants to build biodegradable servers. [Wired]

A project out of Microsoft Research translates English into Mandarin in the same voice. [Technet]

Now you too can own your very own Goatse email address. [Gawker]


Booting Up: ‘So Snobby We’re Above Snobbery’ Edition

The morning after the first snow. (Photo: Flickr/tomasfano)

The CEO’s of AppNexus and LocalResponse we’re always besties. [PandoDaily]

Alexia Tsotsis breaks down what exactly rubs Valley-ites so wrong about Start-Ups: Silicon Valley: “We’re so snobby we’re above snobbery.” [TechCrunch]

Who convinced President Obama to convene with the forever alones on Reddit? His crack team of data crunchers, of course. [Time]

Even a superstorm can’t break the internet. [AllThingsD]

We didn’t see the Fail Whale once during election night, even as tweets poured by. Twitter VP of infrastructure ops Mazen Rawashdeh credits the company’s stellar performance with its backend overhaul from Ruby to Java. [Twitter Blog]

Political Animals

Voting Machine That Changed Obama Vote to Romney Vote in Viral Video Taken Out of Service

(Screenshot: YouTube)

A video taken of a touchscreen voting machine in Pennsylvania refusing to capture an Obama vote, and instead casting the vote for Romney, was uploaded to Reddit this morning. The video garnered almost 37,000 upvotes and served up a painful 18 second flashback to post-2004 fear of “stolen votes.” After hitting Reddit, the video immediately went viral, ricocheting across news websites and Twitter feeds. Read More

Hack Hack Hack Hack It Apart

Cybersecurity Experts Concerned Hackers Could Steal Your Email Vote

(Photo: The Atlantic)

Superstorm Sandy washed and blew away some polling places and displaced thousands of residents in New York and New Jersey. New Jersey, in an effort to make sure every voice is heard, has enabled voting via email.

New York didn’t want to go with the email voting option because officials feel it might be vulnerable to fraud.

Writing in Norman’s “Security Exposed” blog, Norman’s vice president and GM Darin Andersen examines the problem of email voting.

Mr. Andersen writes that polling machines may have their own security problems but admits there hasn’t been reliable evidence of hacker interference in previous elections. However, Mr. Andersen is wary of email voting: Read More

Ride or Die

Uber Offers New Customers a Free Ride to Polling Places on Election Day

(Photo: Uber Blog)

San Francisco-based Uber, which allows users to hail a black car using their smartphone, has teamed up with Rock the Vote for an Election Day partnership that aims to entice new Uber customers to cast their ballots for our next President.

“On November 6th, we all have some big decisions to make as we decide on the next President of the United States,” reads a recent post to Uber’s blog. “One decision you shouldn’t have to make is how you’ll get to the polls.” Now you really have no excuse for not voting. Read More