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SparkRebel, Pinterest Lookalike for Fashion, Has Tween Appeal


In the land of the Internet startup, it seems the latest discovery is… well… the discovery. The algorithm is king in the quest to give users exactly what they want in order to (hopefully) turn a profit. SparkRebel, a Pinterest-like (but not Pinterest! they insist) fashion discovery site, is the latest fashion-focused social media startup to crop up out of New York.

Although founder and CEO Elad Baron insists SparkRebel is different from “other websites” (“Pinterest” never crossed his lips in our conversation), the similarities between the two sites are striking. On Pinterest, you “pin” images which go on your “boards,” pages on which you can arrange images of things you like. On SparkRebel, you can add “sparks” or “respark” items to your “collections,” which is the same basic idea. You can follow users and their collections on SparkRebel just as you can on Pinterest.

“The next wave is in discovery, and fashion is a great candidate,” Mr. Barons said. “You’re not looking for a specific cardigan. You’re looking for ideas and inspiration. You need to get inspired and discover things.” Read More