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OkCupid Brags About Manipulating Online Daters in Secret Tests

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After all of the furor over Facebook’s invasive experiments on users’ news feeds, other startups running the same plays had to be thinking: “What do we do now?” In the case of OkCupid, their version of ass-covering is to come out loud and proud about the games they’ve been playing with their users’ hearts.

OkCupid posted a snarky, image-loaded essay on their blog today called “We Experiment On Human Beings!” where they make a list of hijinxes they’ve pulled on their users without them knowing, all in the name of science. In the post, OkCupid cofounder Christian Rudder points to how offended people were that Facebook published a research report based on manipulating users’ news feeds. Read More

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Your Old Pal Fred Durst Got a Summer Job Directing eHarmony Commercials

Oh, there you are. Hi, Fred. (Photo via Getty)

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Limp Bizkit is probably more on the Mike’s-Hard-Lemonade-fueled-gross-high-school-hookup end of the relationship spectrum, rather than the respectable-online-date side.

But that hasn’t stopped eHarmony from recruiting former Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst to help them rebrand. Mr. Durst (it feels funny writing that) has directed three commercials for the online dating also-ran, the Daily Dot reports.

eHarmony is most popular with 25-to-40-year-olds, and they’re banking on Mr. Durst to bring in the under-25s, the Dot says. We’re not sure people under 25 have even heard of Limp Bizkit, per se, but whatever. Read More

Love in the Time of Algorithms

Online Dating Coaches Help Hapless Singles Meet Their Mates

Consultant Laurie Davis, client Chanel Omari, and fellow dating coach John Keegan. (Photo:

Michelle’s path through the world of online dating has been littered with frauds, phonies and disappointments. Take the cop who claimed he was on disability leave. On their first date, he let slip that his “leave” was actually a suspension, the result of charges that he had beaten an ex-girlfriend.

Then there was the runway model who claimed to divide his time between New York, Miami and Houston—“It’s always a red flag when there are multiple cities,” Michelle said with an eye roll—but couldn’t produce a single nonprofessional photo of himself. He had plenty of close-ups of his abs, though! That imposter turned out to have lifted his images from a Bloomingdale’s catalog.

And don’t even get her started on the innumerable married men who tried to court her online.  Read More

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EHarmony Founder Wants to Spend $10 Million to ‘Figure Out’ Homosexuality

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On television, eHarmony cofounder Neil Clark Warren seems like a pleasantly nutty character, the kind of aw-shucks senior citizen who says things like, “What I really need is a robot who can come in and talk with me” when his wife isn’t feeling chatty, and that eHarmony’s biggest problem “is people who are afraid to find the person who would be the right person for them.” Read More

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Need to Make a Hasty Getaway from a Terrible Date? There’s an App for That

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We’ve all been there: stuck in the middle of a terrible first date with a boring or psychopathic or worse–luddite!–companion, with no way out. If you’re a terrible liar or none of your friends is available to make that fake emergency call to your cell, eHarmony is here to help. The Globe and Mail reports that the online dating service now has a mobile app in the iTunes store called “Bad Date Rescue” that will help you make your getaway, stat.

The whole system is surprisingly detailed. You can choose an interval of time at which to schedule the fake phone call, which purports to actually have a real voice on the other end. You can also specify which emergency you want to fake: your mom calling to say your sister is in labor, your neighbor to tell you your apartment is flooded or your boss to say there’s a work emergency. Read More

eHiring, an “eHarmony for Jobs,” Expands to New York

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Given the dearth of qualified engineers in New York (and Facebook’s propensity for hoarding them), an online job tool geared solely towards programmers and designers was more or less inevitable. Enter, a Florida-based online job company that announced today that it is expanding to New York, along with Chicago and Boston. describes itself as an “eHarmony for jobs,” but if you can forgive them for that PR fumble, the company’s approach to hiring is actually quite novel. “We try to get a deeper understanding of job seekers, life situation, personality, their experience and education, as well as their passions and interests,”’s CEO Darren Bounds told Betabeat by phone last week. “We pair that with a better understanding of a business and their culture and what it takes to be successful in a particular role. We combine those two things and sprinkle algorithmic sugar on top, and we come up with a score. It’s a 0-99 measure of how compatible we feel a person is with a specific role at a specific company.” Read More

Hide Yo' Kids, Hide Yo' Profiles

Seriously, What Is Even Going On: Hacked Too staffers on a happier day. (

Did every single cybersecurity professional on the Internet go on vacation this week? We’re starting to wonder, because not 36 hours after breaches at LinkedIn and eHarmony comes word of another at Can’t we trust anyone to keep our information secure? Apparently not.

Earlier today, alerted users that the company was “investigating the leak of some user passwords.” From the phrasing, we can’t tell whether it’s connected to the LinkedIn and eHarmony hacks, or just a really unfortunate coincidence: “This follows recent password leaks on other sites, as well as information posted online. As a precautionary measure, we’re asking all our users to change their passwords immediately.” Well, at least they preempted.

The LinkedIn and eHarmony breachers were connected–same hacker–so the obvious question is whether is the third victim of a cybercriminal having a really great week. But this isn’t entirely out of the blue, as it sounds like has been having some issues with user information lately. This post from Knapster01 (a customer support manager for the company) indicates that as far back as May 16, someone unsavory had gotten ahold of users’ email addresses, as was investigating a flood of sketchy spam from gambling sites.  He wrote: Read More