Hurricane Sandy

Sandy’s Aftermath Turns Wifi Into Water in a Digital Desert

The waters from Hurricane Sandy have rendered some telecommunications networks about as useful as the rudder on the Titanic. As city-dwellers have begun to seek an internet connection, finding a wifi hotspot has sometimes become almost as important as securing non-perishables and batteries for flashlights.

AllThingsD has collected a good deal of information on where to find wifi in areas where even strong cellphone signals may be in short supply: Read More


Booting Up: Independence Edition

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The Oatmeal is finally free of Charles Carreon’s bizarre legal machinations. Mr. Carreon decided to drop his case against Matthew Inman, who apparently was represented by the EFF. Everything about this was weird. [EFF]

Porn producers are all about Project Glass. We’re sure you can guess why. [PC Mag]

Apple is reportedly planning to debut a smaller, cheaper iPad–terrible news for the Nexus 7. [Bloomberg]

Kim Dotcom has a grudge against vice president Joe Biden. [TorrentFreak]

Airport security apparently stole the Nexus Q used at Google I/O. [Dan Ellis]

Privacy Police

Microsoft’s Surprising Move to Protect User Privacy

Mr. Lynch (

We’re pretty sure that the vast majority of Betabeat users not only don’t use Internet Explorer, but also passionately despise it. But we’ll give props when props are due, and despite Microsoft’s one out of four star rating from the EFF on privacy, the company now appears to be taking a stronger stand on the issue.

Microsoft announced on its blog yesterday that Mozilla’s Do Not Track feature would be automatically implemented within all copies of Internet Explorer 10. The move, Microsoft says, will empower users to make more informed decisions about the way third parties handle their data. Read More

Privacy Police, Twitter Top EFF’s List of Companies With Best Privacy Policies


The Electronic Frontier Foundation is continuing its fight for the rights of Internet users with its recently published annual study of the privacy policies of top Internet companies. The EFF ranked 18 major Internet companies based on four standards: their openness with data demands, transparency regarding government requests, whether or not they fight in court for users’ privacy requests and whether or not they do so in Congress. Read More

Pirate's Life

Kim Dotcom Claims the U.S. Government is Flush with Megaupload Users

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Slick hot-tub dwelling playboy and Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom is currently out on bail awaiting an extradition hearing in August, much to the chagrin of the FBI. But despite the slew of piracy-loving groupies attempting to nab a piece of that sweet, sweet billionaire tail, Dotcom has his sights set on more noble ventures: stopping the federal government from deleting all Megaupload user data. Read More