Wired City

One on One with a ConnectNYC Fiber Challenge Winner: Creative Hub 3rd Ward


If you check out the city Economic Development Corporation’s map of fiber availability in New York City, it’s hard to miss the sprawling fiber-less emptiness of poor Brooklyn and Queens. With the exception of two prominent east-west channels of wiring, things are looking a little sparse.

So you can imagine 3rd Ward’s excitement when it learned not only that it had won the ConnectNYC Fiber Challenge, but also that Time Warner’s fiber was laid right outside its East Williamsburg building. Read More

Metro Tech

A Startup Incubator Grows In Harlem

It looks like someone is ready to take the New York City Economic Development Corporation up on its offer to seed a tech renaissance in Harlem.

The NYC EDC has put out a request for proposal to build an incubator focused on startups around 125th Street. The EDC has promised “certain funding available to help cover specific incubator start-up costs and operating expenses.” In advance of the December 15th deadline, Xconomy reports that a group called #IncubateNYC is making a bid for the contract. Read More


Why Silicon Alley’s Spat With the City Is Actually Good News

Can't tell if I really like you, or am slapping you in the face.

In recent months, New York’s City’s Economic Development Corporation has become increasingly involved in the booming New York tech scene.

The city greatly expanded its second annual Big Apps competition, Deputy Mayor Robert K. Steele stopped by Google’s offices to announce that the city is wooing a top-flight engineering school, and the EDC even hosted Read More