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Wearable Tech Goes Way Downmarket With These USB Cord ‘Bracelets’

Honestly, we could fux with the top one. (Screengrab: eBay)

Move over, weird Google Glass earbud. There’s a new kind of wearable tech in town, and it’s marginally cooler-looking.

The Council of Fashion Designers of America and eBay have teamed up to color with magic markers on a bunch of USB cords, then wrap them around people’s wrists, PSFK reports. See, they are iPhone chargers that don’t come with iPhones or wall plugs. Read More

curator's code

eBay Corrals Some ‘Celebrities’ As It Tries to Entice People to Use Its New Pinterest-Like Layout

Love these bb shoes, Solange! (Photo: eBay)

Start with the word “curator,” plop in a Pinterest-like layout, and pour in chillwave singer Solange Knowles and you’d pretty much get the gist of eBay’s new stunt. But if you’re still interested, let us explain: Today, the online retailer announced that it’s creating “Collections” that are curated by “tastemakers” on a revamped marketplace that is essentially a Pinterest knock off. Read More


Booting Up: Netflix Might Make Original Movies, Just Don’t Suggest Community

Man with the plan. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Windows phones used to be the last reprieve from brunch photos, but not so much anymore: an Instagram app will soon be released. [The Verge]

Netflix had itself a nice third quarter. Its subscriber base pushed past HBO’s with 31 million, the company raked in $1.1 billion in revenue and is mulling the idea of expanding into original moves. [Variety]

eBay is a hotbed for other tech companies looking to poach a well-trained CFO. [Wall Street Journal]

Speaking of both of those things, former Netflix CFO Barry McCarthy has decamped to mysterious startup Clinkle for a COO spot. [GigaOM]

Somehow, five million people downloaded BlackBerry’s BBM app yesterday so that’s neat. [CNet]

startup rundown

Startup Rundown: Viners Test Out Zero Gravity and Livefyre Acquires Storify

Apple drop incoming. (Photo: YouTube)

Zero gravity Vines Newton would be proud - in honor of Gravity Day, September 8, GE asked Viners to film themselves catching an apple at the top of their screen and dropping it down through the bottom. When put together, it looks like the apple falls from one video to the next as you scroll through them, ending in a zero gravity multi-apple drop. GE compiled all the #GravityDrop vines in this trippy five-minute video. Read More


Do You Hate Having $100,000? We’ve Got the Perfect Pokemon Card For You

(Screengrab: eBay)

If you have a spare $100,000 lying around and are all out of matches with which to light it on fire, don’t worry. There’s an even easier way to dispose of those annoying hundred g’s and it’s called buying a stupid Pokemon card.

Pokemon is apparently still relevant to some sad souls out there, insists, along with other card games like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic: The Gathering, so now is the perfect time to buy the Pikachu Illustrator card, of which there are only six in rotation. Read More

The Youngs

Toddler Accidentally Buys Car on eBay

Let's hope her tastes aren't too expensive! (Flickr, atomicjeep)

Here’s yet another piece of evidence to suggest that digital natives who’re barely out of diapers will soon be bossing us all around: KPTV reports that recently, thanks to the miracles of intuitive app design, a toddler barely a year old managed to use her father’s smartphone to order a car on Ebay.

That’ll teach her parents to try to make her take that nap. Read More