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Two-Way Picnic Table Bibs and Nine Other Dumb Gadgets the Internet Cared About This Year

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Caution: this first invention is only recommended for the fanciest of dates.  If you're taking your SO out on a picnic, leave, I repeat LEAVE, your picnic blanket at home. And don't you dare consider sitting at a table meant for picnicking either. Do, however, use this two-person bib. The accumulating crumbs are sure to spark wonderful conversation (Screengrab: YouTube).

Yesterday, we stumbled across an article describing the two-way picnic table bib: a bizarre portable table that two diners can suspend between their necks.

Yes, weird gadgets like this exist — inventions that fall under the category of “most likely useless,” “this is actually making things more complicated,” and “please make it stop.”

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