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Was That Your Drone That Almost Clocked a Businessman? The NYPD Wants a Word

View from the drone. (Photo: WABC)

Remember that mysterious drone that plopped out of the sky and came within a few feet of bopping a businessman on the head? Well, the New York Police Department would like to have a word with the unidentified operator to see what he was doing with the Phantom Quadcopter.

The New York Daily News reports that the NYPD has a complaint on a file and would like to find the man on the drone’s video footage. The tape was obtained by WABC-TV and showed the drone careening into several buildings before it lost control and slammed into the ground. Read More

New Drone City

Mystery Drone Crash Misses NYC Businessman By Mere Feet

One passport, comin' right up. (Photo: Getty)

Shrouded in mystery and cloaked in WTF, a small helicopter drone crashed onto the ground just a few feet away from a businessman on the East Side of Manhattan during rush hour yesterday, ABC Local reports.

The suit found a memory card among the three-pound drone’s debris, and video taken from it “shows the drone twenty to thirty stories above the busy streets and crowded sidewalks near Grand Central Station,” ABC Local says.   Read More

Rise of the Drones

These Tiny House-Cleaning Fairy Drones May Just Make Life Perfect

If you look closely, you can see the tiny magical fairies. (Photo: Electrolux Design Lab)

Cleaning your house is probably the most boring thing you can choose to do with your time. But finally, a genius college student from Colombia has devised a system through which tiny robot fairies would clean your nasty ass abode for you while you keep chillin.

Adrian Perez Zapata’s design incorporates “a spherical hive of tiny flying drones,” DVice reports. “The hive itself is designed to function as both a charging station for the drones as well as a depository for your home’s refuse.” Read More

Rise of the Drones

Let’s All Watch a Drone Fall Out of the Sky and Smack a Person in the Face

Seconds before disaster. (Photo: WTVR-TV)

It was going to happen sooner or later: An aimless drone spiraled out of control and barreled into a frightened crowd. The device was deployed by a Richmond, Va., television station (see update at bottom) to capture aerial footage of the city’s totally safe-sounding running of the bulls when it fell out of the sky.

A bystander captured video of the drone’s downfall that showed the flying robot zipping around before plummeting out of the sky and into the stands. “It just hit a dude in the face. … That was crazy,” commented an astute announcer on Saturday. Read More

Rise of the Drones

The U.S. Air Force Can’t Recruit Anyone to Fly Its Drones

File MQ 9 Reaper in flight  2007 .jpg   Wikipedia  the free encyclopedia

With the talk of drones invading our skies hitting a fever pitch recently, one would assume that demand to fly the devices are hitting record levels. Turns out, it’s not! The U.S. Air Force is reportedly struggling to recruit volunteers who are interested in operating the flying robots since the prospect of sitting in a dark, cramped room for long periods of time doesn’t sound that fun. Read More

gift shop

New Museum’s Upcoming ‘Privacy Gift Shop’ Will Sell You All the Counter Surveillance Gear You Crave

Stylish anti-drone scarf. (Photo: New Museum)

With only 131 days left in the Christmas shopping season, time is ticking on what you’re going to get your favorite conspiracy theorist. Stop your worrying, because the New Museum Store’s forthcoming Privacy Gift Shop has all the “stealth wear” for the Drudge Report reader in every family.

Opening Aug. 28, clothing, gear and gadgets that hinder the surveillance of pesky devices like cell phones and drones will be available for purchase at the museum. The pop-up shop lasts until Sept. 22 and gifts will also be available for purchase online. Read More