Baby Your Car Can Drive Your Car

Nissan Swears They’re Pretty Close to Creating Cars that Drive Themselves


It’s about to get even easier to expend as little effort as possible to live your life, as Nissan has announced they should have commercially-viable self-driving vehicles by 2020.

Of course, a bunch of other car companies and Google are trying to create the same thing, but Nissan could have a proving ground in Japan completed by 2014, they say.  Read More

Going Mobile

‘Designated Texter’ Campaign Launches for Those Physically Incapable of Not Texting While Driving

(Photo: Mike Luckovich/Frugal Cafe)

Do you enjoy rolling the window down while driving to catch the breeze in your hair? Hooking your iPhone up to the car stereo so you can enjoy the complex musical stylings of 2 Chainz? What about prioritizing sending a text message over other people’s safety?

If so, you’re in luck: the “designated texter” campaign, launched in Florida, could help you send your undoubtedly very important text and not accidentally kill anybody in a car accident. It’s a win/win! Read More