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People Who Binge Drink Are More Popular, Science Says

A room of very, very cool people, apparently. (Wikipedia)

Go grab the nearest alcohol vaporizer, because it’s been proven that binge drinkers are cooler than all their friends.

Men and women who frequently participate in heavy drinking tend to have higher social standings within their friend groups, the Daily Beast reports. The study, called Drinking to Reach the Top (guess we’ll have to rename our autobiography), is scheduled to appear in the October issue of Addictive Behaviors. Read More


This Alcohol Vaporizor Sends Tequila Straight To Your Bloodstream, Gets You Buzzed Instantly

Drunk off vapor (Image via YouTube).

If it’s the effects of alcohol rather than its deliciously intoxicating taste that drive you to drink, this new gadget is bound to get your party started.

The Vapshot mini vaporizes liquor so you can inhale your shots for an instant buzz.

Simply pour in the booze, inject the vapor into the Vapshot bottle, and 20 seconds later, you’re breathing in Jack Daniel’s through a straw. Read More

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Nutella-Like Chocolate Beer Spread Finally Invented

(Photo: Selfridges.com)

Sometimes when you’re enjoying a nice cold one, the only logical thought is, “I wish this would congeal so I could put it on toast, maybe with a mild soft cheese.”

Well, a couple of saintly Italians have combined their magical powers of making chocolate and making beer, creating a thick paste that is both beer and chocolate and for some terrible reason did not exist until now. Read More

App for That

College Was Just Ruined By a New App That Exposes Fake IDs

Mmmm, beer. (Photo: Facebook)

Showing up underage to a bar with a fake ID is always a gamble no matter how legit your cousin’s old card from Ohio looks. But there’s a new app called BarZapp that is going to ensure the house always wins. Using the phone’s camera, it scans the card’s magnetic strip for decode if there’s actually information stored on it so that piece of laminate black tape isn’t going to cut it anymore. Read More

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Possibly Drunk Scientists Demand More Research on Hangover Cures

(Photo: Tumblr)

Hangovers, amiright? Sometimes the only way to cure one is to have a greasy breakfast sandwich from the closest bodega, chased with some grade-A seltzer water and a mountain of regret. It seems strange that in a culture that glorifies alcohol as much as ours, we haven’t yet discovered a foolproof way to get rid of the headache/pukey feeling a night of binge drinking can bring. Read More


Samsung Would Like Its Employees to Please Lay Off the Sauce

Artist's rendering of Samsung HQ. (Photo: flickr.com/adpowers)

Here’s a little anecdote to throw in the face of any “brogrammer” who gets a little too self-congratulatory about his, like, totally hardcore partying, dude. Apparently, South Korean Samsung employees party so hard that the corporate overlords have had to step in.

The Next Web reports the company has launched an offensive against binge drinking. Samsung has also “banned employees from forcing others to drink, where employees would be told to take drinks down in ‘one shot’ or forced to drink as a punishment.”

Who knew Samsung HQ was so similar to a fraternity house during rush week?  Read More

Stupid Risks

This Is Why Groupon Can’t Have Nice Things

Mr. Mason. (Tumblr.com)

It’s been a long tumble from the height of the hype cycle for Groupon. Stock performance has been lackluster, and there’s an ever-louder chorus of doubts about the business model. So yesterday probably wasn’t the best time for CEO Andrew Mason to get caught by The Wall Street Journal admitting to a roomful of employees that he’d maybe had a little too much to drink. Whoops!

The Journal does not sound amused: Read More