Draw Something Expands to 12 New Languages, Enlists J-Lo for Promo

Ms. Lopez. (Photo: Bellasugar.com)

The Internet is called the “world wide web” for reason, and Zynga has no intention of leaving those additional players on the table. And so starting today, you can play Draw Something in no fewer than 12 languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

That sound you just heard was high school language teachers nationwide ripping up summer reading assignments and replacing them with “download this app, play until your brain melts.”

Bonus: There are celebrities involved. Zynga has enlisted Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias (who have a joint North American tour to promote) to help them celebrate the launch. And if you’ve ever wanted to play a social game with J-Lo, good news, because the pair are going to engage Draw Something players via Twitter. They’ll also be selecting words that’ll be featured in the “JLo Enrique” option of the new “Special Words” feature. A new word will be added every day. Read More

Be Like the Virus

Zynga Insists More Ads Will Save Draw Something


Pictionary-like game Draw Something continues to endure a steep decline in players. AppData reports that since March, the number of users logging into the app via Facebook has fallen from 14.5 million a day to 7.6 million, almost halving Draw Something’s daily active users.

With interest in the game quickly ebbing, the Wall Street Journal reports today that Zynga is attempting to justify the $183 million it spent to acquire Draw Something and its parent company OMGPOP by tacking on yet more ads to the flailing game. Because if there’s one thing game players love, it’s ads, obviously. Read More

The Internet Makes You Stupid

Satisfy Your Repressed Desire to Destroy the New York Times With This ‘Stupid Game’

The Tim

Oh, those New York Times Magazine folks–they’re so edgy these days. In a think piece about the rise of “Angry Birds, Farmville and other hyperaddictive ‘stupid games,'” the Times proves how truly addictive the Zynga canon is by embedding their own version of a “stupid” game as an illustrative complement to the story. The game allows you to destroy pieces of the website with your arrow keys and space bar–for example, we took the liberty of destroying the Style section, and automatically the Times became 10x less pretentious and assholey. If only every article offered this kind of catharsis. Read More

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Draw Something Beats Out Angry Birds for Top Paid App


The App Store official charts for last week showed the new version of an old standby, Angry Birds in Space, at no. 1 and hometown heroes OMGPOP at no. 2 with Draw Something. But a look at the charts today shows Draw Something is now the no. 1 most downloaded paid app, beating out  other popular games Angry Birds, Bejeweled, Where’s My Water and Fancy Pants as well as the app-ified Suess classic, The Lorax. The iPhone/iPad version has five stars with 94,481 ratings. Read More

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OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter Gets Bitter on Twitter Over Disparaging Ex-Employee

Mr. Porter with Ghostface Killah (via Twitter)

The saga of the lone OMGPOP employee to say no to Zynga isn’t over just yet thanks to a couple of acerbic late night tweets from OMGPOP chief executive Dan Porter. Last week, Shay Pierce, a former OMGPOP game developer penned a rather explosive column for Gamasutra about turning down Zynga’s post-acquisition employment offer over a difference of “values.” (The gist: he had them, Zynga didn’t.)

Guess Mr. Porter, now VP of general management at Zynga New York, was not a fan of Mr. Pierce calling his new employer “evil.” Late Friday night, Mr. Porter tweeted: “The one OMGPOP employee who turned down joining Zynga was the weakest one on the whole team. Selfish people make bad games. Good riddance!” In case you weren’t sure who he was talking about, he later added, “What’s so interesting about success is the number of failures who try to ride on your back. Shay Pierce is just one of many . . .” Read More

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OMGPOP Founder Charles Forman Made ‘Way More’ Than $22 M. in Sale to Zynga

Mr. Forman (via twitter/charlesforman)

The New York Times got a ticket to OMGPOP’s after-acquisition party at the Bowery Hotel last week where they ran into the startup’s founder, Charles Forman, who was in such a daze over the $180 million deal with Zynga that he walked into traffic.

Mr. Forman, who left the company in 2011, but retained his stake, told the Times he made “way more” than $22 million from the sale, adding, “It’s the kind of money where I’ll be wearing whatever I want when somebody invites me to a wedding.”

We never really thought to measure “fuck you” money in terms of prescribed wedding attire, but godspeed to any groom that wants Mr. Forman as his best man. Read More