History Is Doomed

A Cautionary Tale For Techies: The Downfall of a Dotcom Millionaire

Things were simpler then.

On Sunday the Times published the melancholy and disturbing tale of former dot-com millionaire Jennifer Sultan, who is sitting at Rikers Island, facing the prospect of years in prison.

Jennifer Sultan’s name is not familiar to anyone in tech today, but at one time she and her boyfriend Adam Cohen were sitting atop a small, forward-looking, valuable startup called Live Online. Ms. Sultan and Mr. Cohen sold Live Online in 2000 for $70 million. They rented a house in the Hamptons. They bought a big loft not far from Fifth Avenue.  But that was 12 years ago. Now? The Times reports: Read More

Content Farming

Two Big Tech IPOs, Two Big Profit Fibs Revealed

hot air balloons

The last month has signaled the rebirth of the market for web IPOs. Facebook’s private offering set the tone, although the social networking company probably won’t go public for another year.

But investors eagerly snapped up shares of “content farm” king Demand Media Wednesday. Then on Thursday LinkedIn, the smaller, more professional Read More