Are You People Really This Excited About Top-Level Domains?

Also, the company's name is Donuts. (flickr.com/montage_man)

At first, all the enthusiasm for top-level domains was fun and actually totally understandable. Some of them–many of them, even–make perfect sense. The city already has .NYC in the works, and the European Broadcasting Union has dibs on .eurovision. But things are starting to look a little, well, frothy. Google has applied for .youtube and .google. Fair enough. But the company also wants .lol, which invites massive speculation.

And now, according to the Wall Street Journal, a startup called Donuts has raised a whopping $100 million Series A, in the hopes of becoming the go-to registry for top-level domain names. CEO Paul Stahura tells the Journal the company has applied to run 307 domains. And before you ask why .com isn’t good enough, don’t worry, Mr. Stahura has an explanation:  Read More