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The Only OMGPOP Developer to Say No to Mark Pincus: ‘Zynga Asked For Too Much’

Mr. Pierce (via twitter/IQpierce)

On Shay Pierce’s Twitter bio, the Austin-based designer and developer identifies himself as the maker of the puzzle game Connectrode before concluding with, “I worked for OMGPOP until the Zynga buyout. True story.”

The last line is understandable. On the heels of what played out in the press as a startup fairy tale, with OMGPOP as the long-suffering Cinderella and Mark Pincus as the handsome prince, who would believe someone could resist getting swept up in the acquisitional romance?

Well on Gamasutra today, Mr. Pierce, who has been making games since he was 13-years-old, offers readers a peek into the decision process behind opting out. In the end, he writes, it came down to values. Read More