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EXCLUSIVE: Terrorism Victims Sue for ICANN to Revoke Domain Names Being Used by Iran

ICANN, the organization that administers domain names, is being sued by victims of Iran-sponsored terrorism. (Getty)

Still waiting on billions of dollars in unpaid damages, American victims of Iran-sponsored terrorist attacks are attempting to seize Internet properties the United States has provided to Iran.

The victims and their family members today filed a lawsuit against the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the U.S.-based non-profit that administers Internet properties worldwide. In it, the plaintiffs demand ICANN turn over all the top-level domain names provided by the U.S. to Iran, including .ir,  ایران, and any other IP address being used by the Iranian government and its agencies. Read More


Booting Up: Tumblr’s Traffic Might Be Declining

eeeeeeesh (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Amazon is denying that it’s developing an “over-the-top” live streaming service for televisions. [The Verge]

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority approved a pilot program last night that requires companies operating employee shuttles (cough Google and Facebook) to obtain permits and pay fees. [Recode]

The Internet is about to have its “big bang.” On Feb. 4, thousands of domain names, like .pizza, will be on sale. [Quartz]

Don’t freak out Marissa with this news, but Tumblr’s traffic is reportedly declining. [Forbes]

Uncarrier T-Mobile is launching Mobile Money, a low-cost bank account for people who are uncomfortable with traditional banks. Interestingly, users can access more than 4,000 ATMs for free. [CNet]


.NYC Domain Names May Finally Become a Reality


If the “Made in NYC” label wasn’t enough to cement your status as an integral part of the burgeoning local tech community, perhaps a .NYC domain name might pique your interest. Luckily for enterprising young founders hankering to swap .ly or .co for a cooler extension, the New York Times reports today that the city is seeking a contract with a Virginia-based company that could bring us closer to finally landing .NYC’s. Read More

Spring Cleaning

ICANN Is Playing Fast-and-Loose With Domain Names. Here Are 10 We Would Like to See

Things were simpler then.

ICANN’s long-awaited ruling came down today in favor of increasing the number of domains on the Internet beyond just identifiers for countries and suffixes like .com or .org or .gov. The move is liable to set off an “internet land rush,” says the Washington Post. Any combination of letters, including non-Latin character, is up for grabs with only one check in place: every new domain suffix comes with a $185,000 application fee and a $25,000 annual maintenance cost. So really it’s more of a check on what’s in one’s bank account,  than whether the internet could benefit from a .rupertmurdoch or .walmart. AllThingsD’s John Paczkowski predicts: “This is going to be a massive brand identity land grab and one that’s unlikely to do much good for consumers, but plenty for ICANN and its coffers.” But rather than divvy up our beloved Internet according to who can pony up the fees, Betabeat would like to make a plea for honesty in domain names. Here are some helpful suffixes we’d like to see at the end of our URLs next year. Read More

perils Goes Down Due to Libyan Conflict

We’ve bounced this tidbit back and forth a few times at Betabeat, but it seems like the turmoil in Libya has finally had a concrete impact on a site using that nation’s .ly domain.

“Last week the agency we used to register the domain was taken down as a side effect of the war Read More