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Is This Men’s Shaving Service The Next Thing From Warby Parker?

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The “pre-launch” page for new startup called Harry’s features a handsome image of a razor emblazoned with an “H” logo and the slogan, “RESPECTING THE FACE AND WALLET. SINCE LIKE…RIGHT NOW.” Sign up to learn more and you’ll be directed to what looks like a package deal on shaving supplies, including the historically-themed “Truman Handle” and the “Winston Shave Set” How mid-century! But why not just label it the Don Draper special?

According to a source, Harry’s is actually tied up with the marketing experts at Warby Parker. Jen Rubio, head of social media at the eyeglass retailer, shared the site on her Facebook page with the message, “Remember in 2010 when I said Warby Parker was going to be big? This is kinda like that.” Read More

Shave Me From What I Want

A Razorless Dennis Crowley Wonders If Dollar Shave Club is ‘A Meme/Hoax’

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The trouble with producing a wildly successful viral video is that everything you do afterwards is going to pale in comparison–and now the folks at Dollar Shave Club appear to be learning this the hard way.

The Santa Monica-based company sends you “fucking great” razors for a premium of $1-9/month. In startup parlance: It’s like Birchbox, but for razors! The company’s hilarious video went viral in March, and to date it’s netted almost 5 million views. But not everyone is happy with Dollar Shave Club’s customer service, including one of New York’s most celebrated tech founders. Read More

The Third Degree

The One Thing Startups From L.A. Have in Common


In the past couple weeks, two startups from Science (the Betaworks of Los Angeles!) have tried to break into the New York City market, so it seemed like high time we gave Mike Jones, the CEO of Science and former CEO of MySpace, a call.

The Betaworks comparison refers to the fact that Science, which raised $10 million last November, uses its capital to “take deeper equity relationships” in startups than a typical VC firm, Mr. Jones said over the phone, noting similarities to Obvious Corp. and Idealab as well.

Science both launches its own companies and is intimately involved with the operations of the businesses it invests in. Like Betaworks, Science also eschews the i-word—i.e. “incubator”—opting for the more Hollywood-appropriate “studio.” Read More