Your Tax Dollars

The Government Is 3D-Printing Bomb-Sniffing Dog Noses

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When the Singularity occurs, it’s not just humans that will be replaced by robot overlords. No, dogs now are at risk as well, all thanks to taxpayer dollars.

The U.S. federal government has been 3D-printing mechanically engineered dog noses that replicate the sniffing patterns of bomb-sniffing dogs, Nextgov reports. The noses are modeled off of female labrador retrievers, a historically favored breed of police dog. Read More

Meanwhile in Canada

Canadians Are Locating Lost Pets Using a Facial Recognition App

You wouldn't want to lose this guy, now would you? (Wikimedia Commons)

Americans may be gearing up to use facial recognition software to find out if their friends are serial killers, but meanwhile it Canada, they’re using it to track down their lost puppies.

According to the Globe and Mail, Vancouver dog shop cofounder Philip Rooyakkers has developed an app called Positive Identification of Pets—or PiP, for short—that helps tech-savvy Canadians find their lost cats and dogs. Read More

"But you guys love cats"

People Are Paying Money for Classes That Teach Dogs How to Use iPads

Sure! (Photo: Friskies)

Well, here’s a new way to get your money’s worth out of that iPad. The Wall Street Journal reports that there’s now a “nascent but growing group touting the use of apps for pets.”

Cats seem to have inspired a proliferation of apps. Nate Murray, one half of the team behind “Games for Cats,” admitted, “I started off really early on thinking that it was ridiculous, but it ended up being something really meaningful for people,” admitted Mr. Murray. Friskies also has its own line of apps, and there’s even an animal shelter using the apps to draw out shyer cats, to socialize them before adoption. Read More