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NY Congressional Candidate Jeff Kurzon is Now Taking Donations in Bitcoin

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Ever since the FEC decided that it was legit for congressional campaigns to take donations in Bitcoin, a few future-forward politicians have made digital currency donations part of their platform. Now that trend is making its East Coast debut in New York City’s 7th district.

Congressional candidate Jeff Kurzon will start accepting donations to his campaign in Bitcoin this week as part of his effort to unseat Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez. Jeff Kurzon is the first New York politician to accept digital currencies for a campaign, following in the footsteps of Colorado’s Jared Polis and Texas’s Steve Stockman. Read More


Harvard Considers Mining For Dogecoin a Waste of Resources For Some Reason

This is our money now. (Photo: Reddit)

Against all logic, Dogecoin still exists and is worth money. And the digital currency is so popular, one Harvard University researcher just got in trouble for using the school’s 14,000-core supercomputer to mine for it.

Someone allegedly scheduled a Harvard device ranked among the top 500 supercomputers to mine for Dogecoin, the Register reports. Another researcher discovered the unusual activity and tattled to the administration. Later, an email went out to the people who use the computing cluster. The dogecoin miner, whoever he or she may be, was accused of “consuming significant resources” as part of a mining contest. Read More

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A Kanye West-Inspired Cryptocurrency Exists Now

Infringement, schminfringement! (via

Happy New Year! Did you think maybe in 2014 Internet people would cut the shit and stop hurtling bags of money into a funeral pyre of pretend pop culture currencies like dogecoin? Too bad! Coinye West is a thing now.

In case you still haven’t closed this tab, allow us to explain. You can now get your cryptocurrency, a thing that is allegedly real despite being underlined in red like a typo when you write about it, virtually stamped with Kanye West’s likeness.  Read More