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Shopping Sites According to Their VCs? First Round Capital Showcases Exclusive Deals From Its Portfolio

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Here’s a novel idea for flexing your consumerist impulses on Cyber Monday: organize your shopping by a company’s cap table. For Cyber Monday, First Round Capital, which specializes in ecommerce, has set a site that shows off exclusive deals from portfolio companies like Birchbox, Chloe & Isabel, Refinery 29, Hotel Tonight, UrbanSitter, TaskRabbit, DogVacay, One Kings Lane, and more.

Honestly, we’re surprised New York techies haven’t already set up a buy local site that encourages only shopping at startups for Christmas. Read More

The Real Startup Dogs of Silicon Alley

Just What We Always Needed: A Social Networking Startup… For Dogs


New York already has an Airbnb for dogs in Dog Vacay, and a dog subscription startup in Barkbox, so it was only natural that our canine cohorts would eventually nab their own social network. Enter Match Puppy, a New York-based startup that lets you find potential playmates for your puppy pal.

Their slogan is “It’s a Dog Meet Dog World,” which–ugh. But ohmygod the pictures of puppies! Like Lyon, a chihuahua who is “super excited and jumpy of most people,” or Benji, who is undeniably squee-inducing. Read More

The Third Degree

The One Thing Startups From L.A. Have in Common


In the past couple weeks, two startups from Science (the Betaworks of Los Angeles!) have tried to break into the New York City market, so it seemed like high time we gave Mike Jones, the CEO of Science and former CEO of MySpace, a call.

The Betaworks comparison refers to the fact that Science, which raised $10 million last November, uses its capital to “take deeper equity relationships” in startups than a typical VC firm, Mr. Jones said over the phone, noting similarities to Obvious Corp. and Idealab as well.

Science both launches its own companies and is intimately involved with the operations of the businesses it invests in. Like Betaworks, Science also eschews the i-word—i.e. “incubator”—opting for the more Hollywood-appropriate “studio.” Read More

The Real Startup Dogs of Silicon Alley

Dog Vacay, the Airbnb for Dogs, Launches In New York City

FINAL Aaron and Karine headshot

Accumulate enough animal-loving friends and you’re likely to find yourself on the receiving end of emails like: Anyone want to stay in a sunny 2-bedroom apartment next weekend FOR FREE . . . and watch Buster while we’re out of town? We promise he doesn’t bite! Or, even the occasional: Okay, so maybe he does bite, but we’ll leave a six pack in the fridge.

The idea behind Dog Vacay, a new service opening shop in New York today, is to offer pet-owners a third option besides pricey kennels and begging/bribing friends. Read More