Dating: The Final Frontier

This At-Home DNA Kit Tells You If Your Relationship Is Doomed

It's as easy as paying US$164 and spitting in a tube! (Facebook)

Want to know what the future holds for your fab new Tinder boyfriend? A Canadian company is claiming they’ve devised an at-home test that can scientifically predict whether you and your partner are destined for long-term happiness.

The Couples Kit, created by Ontario-based Instant Chemistry, has couples participate in genetic and psychological tests to determine their compatibility, the Daily Mail reports. Read More

Go Home Science You're Drunk

With Creation of Glow-in-the-Dark Bunnies, Science Finally Makes Itself Useful

We know what we want for Easter next year (Screengrab: Buzz60)

If you’re sick of your regular everyday bunny, you’re in luck: a bunch of crazy Turks have bred a colony of glow-in-the-dark rabbits plucked straight from your <em>Donnie Darko</em> nightmares.

The crackpot scheme is being branded as “an attempt to advance research into treatments for life-threatening genetic diseases,” USA Today reports. Read More

Privacy is Dead

The FBI’s Billion-Dollar Facial Recognition Project Announced Just in Time For Worldwide Privacy Protests

Do you always feel like somebody's watching you? (Image via AnonNCarolina2, Twitter)

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has begun implementing a $1 billion face recognition program that will probably scare everyone outside of law enforcement.  NewScientist reports that the Next Generation Identification (NGI) program will lump iris scans, biometrics, DNA and even voice prints into one formidable profiling tool and some states are already using the program in a limited fashion. The whole thing will be in effect across the country in about 2 years. NewScientist addresses the privacy problem: Read More