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Brit Morin’s Got a Book Deal Because the Publishing Industry Has Never Heard of Pinterest

Brit Morin

Because an entire website dedicated to bedazzling T-shirts wasn’t enough for her legions of fans, America’s next top Girl Scout leader Brit Morin is now officially publishing a book.

Publishers Weekly broke the news, Valleywag reports. The book, HOMEMAKERS, will teach “the new generation of modern ‘homemakers’ how to use technology to enhance creativity,” PW said. But judging by a glance at the book proposal, it looks like “technology” in this case means “fancy colored lightbulbs.” Read More

New Digs

Brit + Co. Gets 9,700 Sq. Foot Office to Fill With Glittery Pinecones and Crumpled Michael’s Receipts

(Photo: Tumblr)

Professional summer camp crafts instructor Brit Morin has put her freshly earned $6.3 million series A to good use, scooping up a new 9,700 square foot office in the heart of downtown San Francisco. According to the San Francisco Business Times, Ms. Morin and team signed a 3-year lease for an office on Sutter Street near Union Square, and will be moving there from their current digs located at aisle 5 of your local A.C. Moore. Read More


Pinterest Makes Itself Useful By Notifying Users When Pinned Items Go On Sale

A good Pinterest board.

Pinterest has long been the domain of overgrown sorority girls, bored Southern belles, and Your Annoying Cousin. It’s tough not to hate on the site’s miles and miles of cutesy recipes, DIY projects and saccharine quotes displayed against generic sunset backgrounds.

But with its new savings alerts feature, we just might have to quit playing the Negative Nancy and sign up for an account. Read More

DIY Don'ts

50 Pinterest DIY Projects You Are Definitely Not Doing This Christmas

50 Photos

Only someone on a five-day meth binge can muster this level of attention to detail.

The holidays are upon us! Time to trim the tree and drink some cocoa. For crafty types, though, this is basically the Olympics. This is the main event, the reason they’ve trained so hard for so long. Pinterest is therefore flooded with impossibly intricate, over-the-top DIY projects.

But other than a few twee over-achievers, no one is actually going to try these. You will be too busy drinking eggnog until you fall over and combing Kmart for last-minute gifts. Read More

Meet Your Maker

MakerBot ‘Levels Up’ with the Replicator 2: a Sleeker 3D Printer with ‘Brooklyn Swagger’

Mr. Pettis.

“We leveled up to bring you this today,” MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis told the crowd at the company’s press conference in Brooklyn this afternoon.

The startup responsible for bringing 3D printing to the mainstream–with a nudge from Stephen Colbert, of course–announced a breakthrough: the fourth-generation of MarkerBot’s 3D printing device, dubbed the Replicator 2. You’ll see it soon enough. The gleaming metal rectangle graces the cover of the October issue of Wired. Read More