Big Data

Disney World’s New Smart Wristbands Track Visitors’ Every Move

Dataworld. (Wikimedia Commons)

Previously, Disney resort guests were given credit card-sized access cards that allowed them entry to both their rooms and the parks and even enabled them to charge anything to their Disney accounts.

The rubbery MagicBands that replaced the access cards do all of the above and much more. They actually give Disney the ability to collect big data regarding their guests and their experiences, according to BMW’s Reform. Read More


And the Most Respected Corporation In America Is… Amazon?

MWAHAHA! (Photo:

It appears that people just really, really love deep discounts and free shipping. Wired reports that, according to a new Harris Interactive poll, Amazon is actually the number-one most respected company in America. Apple, Disney, Google (?!) and Johnson & Johnson made up the rest of the top five.

Amazon apparently “trounced” Disney in the category of emotional appeal, which makes us wonder whether everyone has just forgotten how much we all cried during the movie Dumbo.

Even the people who ran the poll sound astounded that Amazon took home the top prize:  Read More


Deliver Us from Re-Runs! Netflix Nabs Rights to First-Run Disney Movies

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Good news if you’re sick to death of movies that weren’t that great when you first saw them in the mid 1990s: The Wall Street Journal reports that Netflix has landed a plum deal to show Disney movies earlier than any other subscription TV service, to the tune of seven months or so after they leave theaters. Usually the deal goes to a premium outfit like HBO; Starz has the rights until 2015.  Read More