Science Rules

Newly Discovered 4-Winged Dinosaur Was Like ‘a Big Turkey with a Really Long Tail’

It was basically a dinosaur version of this. (Wikimedia Commons)

If you thought cockroaches were bad, thank god you didn’t live in the days when four-winged flying reptiles roamed the Earth.

Scientists have discovered fossils in China belonging to a terrifying-looking four-winged dinosaur, the Guardian reports. Measuring 1.3 metres, or a little over four feet, the Changyuraptor yangi is the largest four-winged dinosaur ever found, and is 60 percent larger than the four-winged dino in second place (suck it loser). Read More

Dino Style

Australian Billionaire Reportedly Planning to Clone a Dinosaur for Jurassic Park-Themed Resort

(Photo: The Spectacle Blog)

What is it with eccentric billionaires? Today Yuri Milner announced that he’d decided to create his very own Nobel prize, but that news pales in comparison to what Australian businessman Clive Palmer is planning. The outlandish executive, who seems to be somewhat of a favored fixture in Australian gossip rags, is rumored to be working on a new Jurassic Park-themed adventure for his already pretty exotic vacation compound, Palmer Coolum Resort.

And of course, what Jurassic Park experience would be complete without an actual living, breathing dinosaur that hasn’t existed for millions of years? If you can’t have your own T-Rex, why even open the damn place?

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