Booting Up: Zynga’s New CEO Is Going to Be Paid in 95 Percent Stock so No Pressure

Digg Reader. (Photo: Digg)

It’s now reported that Don Mattick, the new CEO of Zynga, is going to be paid in 95% stock. Nothing about this sounds a like a good deal for the former Microsoft exec. [Wall Street Journal]

Relax: unread counts and a “mark as unread” button are coming to Digg Reader today. [Digg Blog]

Of course Apple is going to build a solar array next to its data center in Reno, which will be used to provide energy not only to its offices but to the community. [AllThingsD]

Google Reader’s creator said he would “absolutely not” build it inside the company if he thought of it today.Some employees worry the threat of the eventual ax will diminish the incentive to create new products at GOOG. [Forbes]

Michael Birch, who sold Bebo to Aol for $850 million in 2008, has bought back the chat service for a reasonable $1 million. He wants to “reinvent it,” so maybe he’ll transform it into an artisanal bakery. [TechCrunch]


Booting Up: You May Now Makeout With the Digg Reader iOS App


Digg Reader, which many bloggers would like to kiss on the mouth, is now available as an iPhone app. [TechCrunch]

Three key figures in the technology world were inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame yesterday: storied venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, the late hacktivist Aaron Swartz and open source deity (and foot thing eater) Richard Stallman. [Business Insider]

A young Icelandic man who served as a long-time Wikileaks volunteer was actually a double agent, passing information about Wikileaks onto the FBI in exchange for $5,000. Cheap date. [Wired]

In case you didn’t already transfer your X-rated material over to Tumblr, Google doesn’t want you to make money off of your porny Blogger account. [The Verge]

PayPal has launched an initiative (read: viral marketing scheme) to help tackle payments in space. Makes sense, given how much its cofounder Elon Musk is invested in making it to Mars. [PayPal blog]

New York-based network TV streaming service Aereo is launching in Chicago in September. [Deadline]


Booting Up: Google Assures Us That It’s “Not in Cahoots With the NSA”

Digg Reader. (Photo: Digg)

If we’re to believe the tweets of Vine’s cofounder Dom Hoffman, it looks like the Twitter app is adding some new features along with a slightly tinkered layout. Wonder why! [AllThingsD]

Google said yesterday that it’s “not in cahoots with the NSA,” in an attempt to quell concerns that the government’s PRISM program is an open door to user data. [NBC News]

Oh good, now you can add pictures to your comments on Facebook. We’re sure that’s going to look great. [CNET]

Here’s a fascinating story of how Betaworks, which bought Digg when it “was really a carcass,” created its Reader with a team of 15 people in 60 days. [Wired]

XBox One is pulling two previously planned features that angered users, like checking to see if gamers are online every 24 hours and eliminating restrictions on disc-based games. Yay? [Verge]


Internet Resurrection: Digg Will Launch a New and Improved Version of Google Reader

Sad. (Screenshot: Google Reader)

Fretful newshounds and anxious bloggers can stop sitting shiva. Digg, or rather Betaworks’ reboot of old Digg, wants to resurrect yet another ailing online mainstay. On its blog this afternoon, the startup announced it would be building a reader to replace the “much-loved, if under-appreciated” Google Reader.

In the post, Andrew McLaughlin, the former vice president of Tumblr who joined Betaworks as an entrepreneur-in-residence last summer, said Reader’s “early social features were forward-thinking and hugely useful.” However, as with the revamped Digg, the new iteration won’t look exactly like its predecessor: Read More