Visiting Dignitaries

Eliza Dushku Distracts Twitter HQ During Yesterday’s Tragic Crash

(Photo: Twitter/Eliza Dushku)

What were Twitter employees doing yesterday while you were frantically refreshing and trying to decipher out what “<%= reason %>” means? Palling around with scifi celebrities.

Eliza Dushku, Joss Whedon’s favorite bad girl, stopped by the company’s headquarters on Market Street yesterday with her boyfriend, retired NBA star Rick Fox, prompting theories about overloading servers with her hotness. Read More

API Wars

Twitter Strikes Back: No More ‘Find Your Friends’ Feature on Instagram

Look at Dorsey's intimidating stare. (Photo:

Let the games begin, my friends. Due to API restrictions, Twitter is no longer allowing Instagram app users to use the “Find Your Friends” feature to connect with their friends on Twitter. But Instagram doesn’t seem too bogged down by the news–possibly because it’s busy celebrating reaching 80 million users today.

The “Find Your Friends” feature is still available on other apps, including The Fancy and Foursquare. However, The Fancy only boast around one million users and Foursquare around 10 million, a fraction of the milestone Instagram reached today. Read More


Booting Up: A Truckload of Money Edition

(Photo: Full Contact)

Here are alleged “engineering samples” of the iPad Mini. [Apple Insider]

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is in L.A. bragging that the company has a “truckload of money.” How…dickish. [Los Angeles Times]

Working at a startup is prettttty sweet. FullContact is now doing paid paid vacations, giving employees $7,500 each for their vacations. Sigh. [FullContact, via Hacker News]

Amazon is officially testing a smartphone. [Wall Street Journal]

Here’s a preview of some cool stuff that’s slated to hit Comic-Con. [Wired]

Twitter Trouble

Twitter Attempts to Protect Free Speech While Eradicating Hate Speech

Mr. Costolo (Photo:

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo revealed to the Financial Times yesterday that the company is preparing to roll out new efforts to curtail the proliferation of “hate speech” on the microblogging service. “How do you make sure you are both emboldening people to speak politically but making it OK to be on the platform and not endure all this hate speech?” he pondered to the FT.

Twitter’s primary conundrum lies in the fact that the service has been used as a tool of political expression in countries with strict speech and cyber laws. But, like most corners of the Internet that allow for anonymity, it’s also been an impressively vitriolic vehicle for hate speech. Have you ever read Julia “I want to roll around in Silicon Valley” Allison’s @ replies? Not pretty. Read More

Tumblr Moguls

Yo, Zuck! Designer Strikes Again With Yo, Dick!

youssef sarhan refer

Youssef Sarhan, the Irish designer whose UI advice Tumblr, Yo Zuck!, earned him fame, a job interview with Facebook, and a job offer from a Helsinki startup, has turned his sights on Twitter. Mr. Sarhan’s newest Tumblr, Yo, Dick! Implement This, repeats the gag of Yo Zuck!: Mr. Sarhan nitpicks at Twitter’s design and logic. Users can @ reply themselves, but they can’t retweet their own tweets? Sup with that? Stay tuned to see if Twitter calls Mr. Sarhan! What say you, @dickc?