Summer Fun

Fifty Shades Generator Makes Lorem Ipsum Text Dirty

(Photo: USA Today)

If you’re a designer looking for a new way to populate your page with dummy text while you make it all pretty, Fifty Shades Generator may be able to help. The tool, created by an apparently all-male team of designers, scrapes the web for X-rated language to create the dirtiest nonsensical lorem ipsum text you’ve ever read.

We’d type an example here, but we have Google search results to consider. See for yourself.


Sorry, Programmers: Designers are Now the New Rock Stars


All this time we thought programmers were the rock stars, but according to Reuters, designers are beginning to¬†surreptitiously¬†usurp that title. A breathless feature entitled “In Silicon Valley, designers emerge as rock stars” claims that designers are becoming just as valued as programmers when it comes to building startups. Who knew that in order for people to use a product, it has to look as good as it works? (Everyone.) Read More