Social Gaming Startup DerbyJackpot Is About to Get You Addicted to Horse Racing


Following last year’s crackdown on online poker sites, Betabeat figured Bitcoin was the best bet for online gambling. But did you know betting on horse races is legal online? We didn’t, but three brothers, Tom, Walter and Billy Hessert, did—and they’re creating an addictive online gambling site to take advantage of that fun little fact. “It’s 80 percent gambling and 20 percent horses,” Tom Hessert, cofounder of a young startup called DerbyJackpot, told Betabeat today.

DerbyJackpot has a former Zynga designer as an advisor, Freakonomics author and economist Steve Levitt as an advisor, and a mysterious “billionaire investor” who the cofounders say has given the startup $1 million in seed money. Read More

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Startup News: Startups Are the New Grungy Nineties Garage Bands

Walt Mossberg with Steve Jobs in 2007. (Source: Wikipedia)

DIA DE TECNOLOGIA. New York Tech Day was full of NYC based startups—from the established to the unfunded—all stages in the NYC tech lifestyle were represented. The companies that follow really stuck out to NY Tech Day Judges. Best use of Location – BiteHunter, Best Design – Chartbeat, Best Educational Startups – Three Ring, Best Social Startup – GiftSimple, Best Booth Design – Cannonball, NY Tech Day Staff Choice – Snakblox, Best use of Data – Hoppit, Best Mobile App – Uber, Best Business Model – Temboo, Best Enterprise Startup – SendGrid, Best Unfunded Startup –

KICK BUTT. Everything Butt Art, the adorable drawing app for iPad, just launched a Kickstarter campaign. As of this writing, the founders have raised just over $1,000 and still have a ways to go towards that $20,000 goal. Read More