Delivery From Inconvenience

WunWun Delivers Anything From Local Stores and Restaurants For Free

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Delivery app WunWun can be used for delivering anything: groceries, ice luges, boat batteries, a Jeep for Rosie O’Donnell —  but every time those orders came in, people were paying for the delivery. No more.

As of this morning, WunWun will now deliver anything you want from a local store or restaurant for free, as long as what’s being delivered actually cost something to begin with. The previous delivery fees were around $10 to $20, but WunWun CEO Lee Hnetinka told Betabeat that they want to cut away more and more costs in order to be the “best option on planet earth” for deliveries. Read More

Delivery From Inconvenience

One-Hour Grocery App Instacart Comes to NYC

The app is really aesthetically pleasing. (Instacart)

Grocery shopping in New York City: it’s truly the stuff of nightmares. From never-ending checkout lines that wind through the cramped aisles, to the pain of negotiating your near-bursting bags down the subway steps, sometimes we just want to call it a day and order Seamless for the rest of our lives.

But wait! An app called Instacart, originally from San Francisco, is launching today in New York City. Instacart lets you order food from your fave local grocery stores, and then select your desired delivery window, which could be as soon as the next hour — we can’t even manage to fight our way into the Union Square Trader Joe’s in that amount of time. Read More

Smartphones Make You Lazy

Have WunWun Deliver Your Halloween Costume For Free So You Can Start Pregaming Earlier

A WunWun helper prepares his client's redditor costume, we guess. (Photo: WunWun)

Everyone’s approach to Halloween is different. Some dorks toil for weeks to create clever homemade costumes that will live in Instagram infamy. Others are just there for the booze, virtually forgetting the whole costume part until they duck into a Spirit Halloween store at the last minute.

If you’re the lazy type, we’ve got some good news. On-demand delivery service WunWun is offering free delivery of Halloween costumes, Halloween candy, pumpkin beer–really, anything Halloween you can think of.  Read More