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Hey DEF CON Attendees, the NSA Wants to Poach You

(Photo: NSA)

DEF CON, which is the world’s largest hacker conference that’s been around since the heady dot-com days, is a fertile ground for good ol’ fashioned startup poaching. But it looks like citizens of Startupland hankering for engineering talent might have a new competitor, ‘cuz you know who else is looking to swipe some hardcore hackers for their employee roster? The National Security Agency. Amurrica!

After sending its chief to the conference, the NSA has created a special Careers page for DEF CON attendees with the hopes that it can lure some talented hackers towards a cushy government gig. But, don’t think you’re guaranteed a job as a computer hacking spy just because you showed up to DEF CON. They have some pretty stringent guidelines for who exactly they’re looking for: Read More