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Williamsburg Cop Teaches Himself Programming, Builds an App That Calculates Overtime

via Cop's Overtime Calculator

With entrepreneurial instincts like these, we fear Officer David Doxsee’s days on the NYPD are numbered.

After purchasing a new Android phone this summer, Mr. Doxsee was disappointed to discover that no one had invented an app to calculate overtime yet. So, like any startup founder, he built one himself . . . by watching YouTube videos on programming. “I looked at a couple of tutorials, and I got to work,” he said. “I picked it up pretty quick by only looking for things that I needed. I didn’t learn the entire coding language,” Mr. Doxsee tells the New York Post.

He must be a quicker learner, because he developed 99 cent apps for Android and iPhone in two weeks and now pockets 69 cents from every sale. Hipster Cop is already taken, but did we just find our first NYPD Brogrammer?

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