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Facebook Graffiti Artist May Be Worth $200 M, Is Pals With Porn Star Sasha Grey [VIDEO]


Charlie Ayers, better known as the “Google Chef,” is a popular reference point in IPO chatter because his stock options earned him a life-changing $26 million. Well, the New York Times has just uncovered the Facebook equivalent: graffiti artist David Choe.

Yes, the same David Choe who covered the office of Facebook’s first Silicon Valley office with erotic art. In fact, noted art appreciator Sean Parker encouraged Mr. Choe to “go crazy and draw as many giant ‘cocks’ as Choe wanted.”

Shares owned by the artist could be worth “upwards of $200 million” when Facebook goes public, based on the company’s $75 billion to $100 billion valuation. That could be more than Damien Hirst’s record-holding $200.7 million Sotheby’s auction in 2008. Read More