When Google Acquires

Zagat Engineer: ‘My Nerdy Dream Come True’


A report from inside the Google-ifying Zagat Survey comes to us from the company’s Operations Developer, who has published a blog post reflecting on the first two days of Google life, describing the process in a level of post-acquisition detail we don’t usually see.

Dave Reisner first realized something was up on Wednesday, when “unfamiliar people start to infiltrate the office and walk around as if they’re scoping out the employees, and the office space.” The next day, Nina Zagat sent out a company-wide email calling a meeting in all caps, and blindsided employees with the announcement of the Google buy.

“At this point, the announcement of ‘the biggest news of the 32 year history of Zagat’comes as no shock that Zagat has been purchased … but by Google? Wow. My nerdy dream come true,” Mr. Reisner writes.

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