Dating: The Final Frontier

We Ate Ten Pounds of Valentine’s Day Chocolate With HowAboutWe for Couples

Love at first chocolate making class! Here's a totally not staged photo of us holding hands with chocolate-covered gloves.

For a while, it seemed like single people got all the fun apps—do you know badly I always wanted to do that Tinder swipey thing?! Thankfully, last week I discovered HowAboutWe for Couples, the New York-based dating site geared towards people in relationships.

HowAboutWe began in 2010 as a singles’ dating site aimed at ending “endless online profile browsing,” cofounder Brian Schechter explained to Betabeat. He and fellow founder Aaron Schildkrout wanted to create an experience “where you post actual date ideas, and connect and meet in the real world, away from pokes [and] winks.” Read More

XXX in Tech

No Uglies: ‘LoveRoom’ Ensures Only Hotties Will Rent Your Extra Bedroom

All of the users definitely look like this (Screengrab:

Airbnb users who are sick of hosting uggos will be pleased to learn there’s a new startup in town whose goal is to let temporary tenants and landlords match up with hotties they’d like to bang.

Specifically, LoveRoom is “a platform where single people from all around the world can rent their living space to others they find attractive,” founder Joshua Bocanegra told us. “If you like using Airbnb and you like using Tinder, you’ll really like LoveRoom.”

What could possibly go wrong? Read More


Find the Melinda to Your Bill: Introducing Betabeat Singles


Just because you spend a startling slice of your waking life glued to a screen doesn’t mean you want a computer making complex decisions for you–particularly when it comes to your love life. Most dating enterprises operate upon sophisticated algorithms designed to match people with similar interests, but what’s lost in that digital approach is the ineffable human aspect to matchmaking, someone to look you both in the eye and make an informed match that will send so many sparks flying you’ll feel like you’re in an animated GIF posted to a teen girl’s Tumblr.

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Love in the Time of Algorithms

‘Grab Her Hand and Put it Right on Your Dick:’ Redditor Successfully Kickstarts His Terrible Dating Book

Mr. Hoinsky (Screenshot: Kickstarter)

Update: Kickstarter has decided not to remove the project.

Are you a foreveralone munching on Cheetos in your mom’s basement, wondering how to get women to touch your penis? Good news: Ken Hoinsky, whom you might know as “TofuTofu” on Reddit, has drawn up a comprehensive dating guide to help teach guys everywhere how to “get awesome with women”–and also make creepy unwanted advances on them. Read More

App for That

Need to Make a Hasty Getaway from a Terrible Date? There’s an App for That

(Photo: iTunes)

We’ve all been there: stuck in the middle of a terrible first date with a boring or psychopathic or worse–luddite!–companion, with no way out. If you’re a terrible liar or none of your friends is available to make that fake emergency call to your cell, eHarmony is here to help. The Globe and Mail reports that the online dating service now has a mobile app in the iTunes store called “Bad Date Rescue” that will help you make your getaway, stat.

The whole system is surprisingly detailed. You can choose an interval of time at which to schedule the fake phone call, which purports to actually have a real voice on the other end. You can also specify which emergency you want to fake: your mom calling to say your sister is in labor, your neighbor to tell you your apartment is flooded or your boss to say there’s a work emergency. Read More

dirty dating

When It Comes to Dating, Dirty Bubble Blows Out All the Mystery, Keeps All the Creepy

Getty Images

Have you ever wondered why there wasn’t a Yelp but for people? Neither did we, but apparently there is, and it’s called Dirty Bubble. If you’re not turned off by the name, just wait until you hear what it does.

Dirty Bubble fancies itself as “a place for people to rate, share and review their previous relationships and hookups,” and allows users to make profiles—not for themselves—but for their exes. Then, would-be suitors can read reviews and see how many stars their potential date got in categories like sanity, generosity and hygiene. “Why?” the introductory video rhetorically asks, “Wouldn’t you want to know a little about someone’s background or personality before dating them?” Actually, no, we wouldn’t—or at least we don’t want to hear about it the same way we want to read reviews about the Lumia 900 or the new iPad. Read More