OkCupid Data Scientist Max Shron Talks Data Analysis, Next OkTrends Post

Mr. Shron (OkCupid)

Last Friday, OkCupid’s data scientist Max Shron gave about 30 students at a Hackdays event a peek at what he does everyday: take terrifying amounts of raw data, make sense of it and draw insightful conclusions based on what he finds.

Students—including three girls!—gathered in a classroom on the third floor of NYU’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences and got ready to nerd out.
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Hunch Crunches Taste With Super Powered Server

No one startup should have all this power.

Hunch is a NY startup building a taste graph that will allow them to offer precise, intimate recommendations to users almost instantly.

When users first go to Hunch they answer a series of questions. At the end, the site delivers recomendations to them about everything from poetry to food to clothing.

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