General Assembly

General Assembly Partners With Tumblr to Teach the Cool Kids to Code

The lessons are incredibly self-explanatory — enough handholding for just about anyone to make it through. (Screengrab via Dash)

Remember back in the day, when you had to jerry-rig your Myspace layout with sloppy HTML in order to stand out from the crowd? Kids these days have it so much easier.

As of this morning, General Assembly (GA) is partnering with Tumblr to offer free lessons in how to build Tumblr themes. Tumblr has always offered its mostly-young userbase themes to customize their layouts, but now Tumblr users can to dig into the actual code that drives those layouts. Read More

App for That

New App Aims to Make Splitting the Restaurant Bill Less of a Nightmare

Dash works at more than 25 bars and restaurants in NYC.

Look, everyone wants to spring for dinner with friends instead of hemming and hawing, item by item, over what each person owes. But chances are you simply don’t have the wherewithal (especially if you’re shirking your work duties to read this blog post).

A new app called Dash, not to be confused with the venerable Kardashian-owned boutique, promises to fix that problem. It recently launched at more than 25 venues throughout Manhattan, and is fully integrated with restaurants’ computer systems, meaning users can keep track of their bill while they’re ordering. Read More