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Dark Knight Rises Composer Releases Song Online to Support Aurora Shooting Victims

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Hans Zimmer, the composer behind The Dark Knight Rises score, has released a song titled “Aurora” today to raise money for the theatre shooting victims.

People can download the song at after donating anywhere between 10 cents and $2,500, all of which will be given to the Aurora Victim Relief organization.

On his Facebook page, Mr. Zimmer said he recorded the ethereal, eight-minute song in London after he heard about the massacre. Read More

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What Happens When a Mob of Redditors Congregate to Solve—or Not Solve—a Reddit Mystery


Yesterday, a Reddit user named “delverofsecrets” posted on the social news site claiming that a homeless man had wordlessly handed him a note on the subway encrypted with some sort of code. The site’s users immediately jumped on it, and one named SirSpam28 cracked it: “It uses the Bifid Cipher as I said before, with a g -> a alphabet translation,” he wrote. Read More