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Tradesy Raises $1.5 M. to Help You Cash in on the Clothes in the Back of Your Closet

Cash monies.

Got a bunch of stuff hanging in your closet you’re no longer thrilled with? Well, the Los Angeles-based marketplace Tradesy wants to help you out–and the company has just raised a $1.5 million round to do just that. Participants include Rincon Venture Partners, 500 Startups’ Dave McClure, DailyCandy founder Dany Levy, Daher Capital, Bee Partners, Double M Capital and Launchpad LA.

The site is the second project from Tracy DiNunzio, who previously started RecycledBride, a marketplace for wedding-related resale. But she wanted to do something broader all along, she told Betabeat.  Read More

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Try the Punch! iPad Mag Does Pop Culture as Game


A cabal of New York media notables has been working on the most secretive editorial product for the iPad since The Daily, and after more than a year in development, it’s out today: Punch!, an “interactive satirical app” styled after a bookshelf lined with games like “Hedge Fund or Organic Farm?” and “Test Your Pop Culture IQ,” is light on substance and heavy on delight. It’s nothing like The Daily, cofounder and creative directory Dany Levy, founder of DailyCandy, told Betabeat.

Every feature, from “Closet Case,” in which you can dress up Rick Santorum like a paper doll, and “Visit the New North Korea,” a theoretical pitch to North Korea’s tourism board, demands swiping. The app has no ads, although its first sponsored content will roll out in conjunction with the Tribeca Film Festival, which is its first sponsor. Eventually, there will be a fee to download, Ms. Levy said. Read More