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Why New York City Still Can’t Keep Smart Kids Away From McKinsey

Mr. Pinsky and Ms. Sterne

Yesterday morning, Betabeat popped out of the subway a little further downtown than normal for an Internet Week breakfast panel at Eventi. The four speakers, assembled to discuss the city’s role as a leader in the new tech economy included Seth Pinsky, president of the New York City Economic Development Corporation, Rachel Sterne, the city’s chief digital officer, Daniel Huttenlocher, dean of Cornell NYC Tech, and Craig Gotsman, director of the Cornell-Technion Innovation Institute.

Considering our profile of Mr. Pinsky and multiple features about the battle between Stanford and Cornell to win a chance to build on Roosevelt Island, it was not unlike seeing the pages of Betabeat on stage–only with free pastries and a lot more suits. Read More

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At Tumblr HQ, Mayor Bloomberg Announces Daniel Huttenlocher as the Founding Dean of New Tech Campus

Mr. Huttenlocher

A source tells Betabeat that Mayor Bloomberg has a “big announcement” about the city’s tech campus slated for his 11.30am appearance at Tumblr’s 21st Street offices today.

Does that mean the New York City Economic Development Corporation is finally revealing a second-place winner for the campus competition? Nope! Although a decision was expected in January, city officials say they may have underestimated the time frame based on the ease of its negotiations with Cornell-Technion. (Stanford dropping out of the race probably streamlined the process as well, we imagine.) While the Roosevelt Island campus nabbed the city’s entire $100 million grant, the EDC is optimistic that some kind of financing negotiations can be worked out to support one (or all!) of the remaining proposals: NYU in Downtown Brooklyn, Carnegie Mellon at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, or Columbia in Manhattanville.

In the meantime, we did get the early word on one big personnel decision as far as Cornell and Technion’s $2 billion Roosevelt Island applied sciences extravaganza. Professor Daniel P. Huttenlocher, Cornell University’s Dean of Computing and Information Sciences, has been named Cornell Vice Provost and founding Dean of the new campus. Read More

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Cornell Really Wants Its Name on That New NYC Tech Campus Bloomberg’s Been Talking About


The mayor’s campaign for a New York tech campus has stretched on for almost a year, but final proposals are due Oct. 28 and the choice will be made by the end of the year for who will host the New York City applied sciences campus.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg has batted his eyes at Stanford for the new campus, but the local contenders are putting up a fight. Both NYU and Cornell want their names on the new campus real bad. Earlier this summer, Betabeat heard Stanford, Cornell, and Israel’s Technion are the favorites.

It seems Cornell is ready to put on the full-court press before the decision is made. Read More