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What is Digital Veganism? Cody Brown Explains His Catchphrase


“Magnificent coinage from @CodyBrown: ‘digitalvegetarianism,‘” Jeff Jarvis tweeted recently. If you Googled, you might have thought he was referring to the L.A.-based lifestyle blog and SEO experiment, but actually Mr. Jarvis just got it wrong. The “coinage” is digital veganism, a phrase start-up founder and recent NYU grad Cody Brown has been slinging around since even before his roommate quit Facebook and Twitter in a public huff.

We had heard Mr. Brown refer to the open source, decentralized anti-Facebook Diaspora as “digital veganism” before. But what does it mean? We asked him to explain. Read More


Headline Guessing Game Wins News Games Hackathon; Other Hacks Not as Fun

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The winner of this weekend’s news games hackathon hosted by journalist/developer group Hacks/Hackers at CUNY’s journalism school this weekend was created by a professional newsroom programmer, Associated Press developer Julian Burgess. In Whose Headline, players match headlines to their publications. It has the simple, sticky satisfaction of solitaire, but you gain a top-level sense of what’s going on in the world at the same time. Is “DRUGGY DAUGHTER BOOMERANGS WHITNEY” from The National Enquirer, the New Yorker or The Onion? “Attorney generals slam ‘binge-in-a-can’ drink”–The New York Daily News, Forbes or The Guardian? Read More