Antisocial Media Thinks of the Poors, Lowers Yearly Membership Price, Adds Monthly Plan

Screengrab has generously created a $5 per month plan and lopped $14 off its yearly membership fee. That means people with $36 to spare on a Twitter lookalike can now snag their very own handle and bragging rights to spending $36. Or $60, if you opt for the $5 monthly plan.

As The Next Web notes, members who ponied up the original (and infamous) $50 yearly fee won’t receive a refund, just extra months on their current plan. Read More

The Tech Elite

Man Builds Private Twitter Alternative So Users Can Continue to Talk About Twitter

(Photo: wordcloud by Diego Basch), the private social network spearheaded by Valleyite Dalton Caldwell, recently raised $600,000 from the tech community in order to build an “ad-free Twitter alternative.” To keep out the riffraff, charges $50 for subscribers and $100 for developers in order to join the elite handful of people active on the site.

Yesterday, developer Diego Basch published some stats scraped from his first month on A lot of the findings are unsurprising, given’s origins, but interesting nonetheless: Read More


I Have 50 Dollars, ‘A Real-Time Social Feed for People Who Have $50,’ Hilariously Satirizes


Much has been written about Valley celeb Dalton Caldwell and his rather notorious new social network, The Twitter-like site charges $50 to join, in an effort to weed out spammers and people who aren’t really dedicated to the integrity of the community.

BuzzFeed wondered if the walled garden of signaled the beginning of “white flight” from more inclusive sites. Venturebeat called Mr. Caldwell a “betrayed entrepreneur” crusading against Facebook and Twitter. But perhaps the most scathing critique comes from, a site built to look exactly like that satirizes the fact that isĀ basically a social network for people with an extra $50 laying around. Read More