Booting Up: Yahoo Had a No Good, Very Bad Fourth Quarter

Good Morning Chechnya! (Photo: Twitter)

Yahoo’s Q4 earnings were bad. Revenues dipped 2 percent to $1.2 billion and the stock tanked as a result. [BI]

Medium, which is not Tumblr, has raised $25 million in another round of funding. [Recode]

Apple added a TV section to its online store so that means everything in your life is going to change. [New York Times]

Netflix could finally expand to Germany and France. [Verge]

The Daily Dot has acquired the British version of themselves, The Kernel. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. [TechCrunch]

Oh Snap

College Kid Tricks Internet Into Thinking He’s a Snapchat Publicist

(Photo: Digital Trends)

This guy clearly deserves an A in PR.

In Fall 2012, USC senior Matthew Hanson took a class called Strategic Writing in Public Relations, according to The Daily Dot. He had to build an online newsroom for a brand of his choosing for his final, and he picked Snapchat.

Mr. Hanson created this webpage. Thinking no one would ever see it, he published his own telephone number on the site — and his phone started to blow up. Read More

Make It So

Delightfully Ludicrous Twitter Account Imagines How Non-Existent Season of Star Trek Played Out

(Photo: 9Laughs)

Today, The Daily Dot published the story behind one of our favorite Twitter users, @tng_s8, a parody account that purports to publish plotlines from the unaired season 8 of Star Trek: The Next Generation. @tng_s8 is run by a 30-year-old Los Angeles-based aspiring comedy writer who asked that the Daily Dot not use his name, lest the pureness of this Twitter stream be tainted by his Hollywood dreams.

The account undoubtedly appeals to the more rabid TNG fans among us, but even if your knowledge of the show extends simply to “That one guy has a beard,” you’ll probably find some of the tweets pretty hilarious. Below, we’ve collected our favorites. Read More


Newest Viral Marketing Scheme? Transmitting Tweets to Space

The Chasing UFOs team. (Photo: National Geographic)

It’s one thing to fake intergalactic advertising like the hoaxsters at Rolling Rock did back in 2008 with moonvertising, but actually carrying through with the plan is a whole other thing entirely. When the National Geographic channel heard about Tweets in Space, a program spearheaded by two artists who plan to beam tweets to planet GJ667Cc, they decided to jump on the bandwagon. But, of course, it’s not all in the name of science.

The Daily Dot reports that National Geographic has teamed up with Tweets in Space to transmit tweets with the hashtag #ChasingUFOs to promote its new show called–yes–Chasing UFOs. Read More


Card Game About Tentacle Rape Porn Pulled from Kickstarter

Tentacle Bento (

Even on the sex-swathed Internet, there are still some things considered too taboo for mainstream consumption. While a search for “tentacle porn” on XXX sites would undoubtedly yield at least hundreds of results, crowdfunding platform Kickstarter is publicly grappling with its anime animus.

The Daily Dot reports that a tentacle rape porn-themed card game that had raised more than double its funding goal was canceled by Kickstarter, due to its graphic material. As Twitter user @VonRosceau tweeted, “Kickstarter didn’t want a game about raping teenage girls with tentacles funded under their name today. Manchildren angry, nobody surprised.” Read More

The Third Degree

Do Reddit, 4Chan, and Digg Need Their Own Hometown Newspaper? The Daily Dot Hopes So.


The idea behind The Daily Dot, a new website that just emerged from invite-only private beta today, sounds like a great premise for an infographic. “Day-to-day coverage will focus on ‘neighborhoods.’ Sites like Reddit, like Digg and like Etsy are really like cities. And the web is like a large country of itself,” founding editor Owen Thomas told his former colleagues at VentureBeat. It’s easy enough to picture an illustrator going to town with a map of the internet and Etsy’s cutesy, cuddly cul-de-sac next to 4Chan’s lawless urban sprawl.

But is it enough to carry an entire newspaper? Read More