Ride or Die

Regulators Pacified, Uber Debuts Taxi Service in Washington, D.C.

Call a cab. (Photo: Uber)

Guess that pivot toward friendlier relations with local regulators is working out: Today UberTAXI launches in Washington, D.C, which means hotshot lobbyists and stranded Congressional aides alike can now request and pay for a taxi from within the Uber app. It works essentially the same as the status quo black car service–it’s just another option.

Or, as Uber rather more grandiosely put it on the company blog: “There’s nothing more American than the freedom to choose—so it’s fitting that Uber is bringing our nation’s capital yet another choice when it comes to getting a reliable ride.” Read More

Ride or Die

All Grown Up: Uber Actually Sits Down With D.C. Regulators, Gets a Deal

Black hole. (Photo: Wikimedia)

After a series of tussles with regulators across the country, yesterday something went right for Uber. Washington, D.C.–a city where regulators have long been skeptical of the service–has passed a bill that essentially allows the service to continue operating legally. And just a couple days after the appearance of New York Times article about the company’s many Read More