National Security

Pentagon Chief Weapons Tester: Almost All Military Programs Vulnerable to Cyber-Attacks

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As the President pushes dated cybersecurity legislation and Band-Aid solutions, the Department of Defense reminds us that we have much bigger threats to our cybersecurity than shared our HBO Go passwords.

After a year of running dozens of tests and simulations on over 40 military weapons systems, Pentagon Director of Operations Test and Evaluation (DOT&E) Michael Gilmore found that almost all of them have some kind of major cybersecurity weakness.

“Cyber adversaries have become as serious a threat to U.S. military forces as the air, land, sea, and undersea threats represented in operational testing for decades,” Mr. Gilmore wrote in his annual report for 2014. “Any electronic data exchange, however brief, provides an opportunity for a determined and skilled cyber adversary to monitor, interrupt, or damage information and combat systems.” Read More


Anonymous Plots Vengeance On Terrorists After Charlie Hebdo Massacre

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While the media decides whether they are or are not Charlie Hebdo, hactivist group Anonymous is getting started with their own plans for the extremists who attacked the Paris weekly.

A YouTube video, uploaded by a Belgian arm of Anonymous and spoken entirely in French, claims that the group will begin shutting down social media accounts and websites of extremists who in line with this week’s massacre of at the Charlie Hebdo offices. Read More

Hits and Misses

Stop Calling Tor ‘The Web Browser For Criminals’

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Yesterday, a rumor surfaced on deep web blog DeepDotWeb that Comcast was going to start blocking users of Tor, an anonymous web browser. Comcast Vice President Jason Livingood immediately and rightfully called bullshit, because for all of its customer service foibles, Comcast knows that preventing people from browsing the Internet anonymously would be a daring infringement on user privacy.

The confusion came to rest shortly after the posting of a Business Insider story called “Comcast Denies It Will Cut Off Customers Who Use Tor, The Web Browser For Criminals.” Besides reaffirming the simple notion that you shouldn’t just believe something you read on a subreddit, the story — which was viewed over 22,000 times — reaffirms the notion that Tor is a tool for evil. Read More


Forget Dropbox: BitTorrent Sync Allows You To Skip the Cloud Entirely

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As cloud service companies battle it out for supremacy, one file sharing service sets itself apart by skipping the cloud altogether. It’s called BitTorrent Sync, and starting this week, it’s going to be available through Netgear’s native app store.

Sync is like a cloud storage solution, only with no actual cloud storage involved.

Cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive keep your data in a central online database that you can access from any device — for example, you can work with files on your tablet or laptop, and when you switch over to your PC, the files will still be accessible. Read More