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Vine Star Curtis Lepore Seems Confused About the Meaning of Consent

Curtis Lepore (Twitter)

Nothing in this world can be certain except death, taxes and Vine celeb Curtis Lepore being an insufferable jerk about his rape case.

Mr. Lepore was accused of raping his ex-girlfriend and fellow Vine star, Jessi Smiles, last August. We don’t know what exactly happened between Mr. Lepore and Ms. Smiles when the alleged rape occurred, but we do know that Mr. Lepore took a plea deal on Feb. 21, wherein he pled guilty to felony assault charges and effectively cleared himself of the rape charge.

Mr. Lepore then proceeded to act like a total dick as he openly celebrated the plea deal on social media.

Now, in a Rolling Stone piece called “The Six Seconds Between Love and Hate: A Vine Romance Gone Wrong,” Mr. Lepore is at his piggish behavior again — this time perpetuating victim blaming and a pretty screwed-up concept of consent. Read More

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Vine Star Curtis Lepore Takes Plea Deal in Rape Case, Is a Major Dick About It

Curtis Lepore loving salsa. (Screenshot: Vine)

If you were ever wondering how to behave on the off chance that you’re accused of rape one day, do not follow Vine celeb Curtis Lepore‘s lead.

Here’s the back story: Mr. Lepore and Jessi Vazquez, known as Jessi Smiles, met through Vine, the six‐second video sharing service that’s mainly popular with teens. They started dating, and weren’t shy about broadcasting their relationship to their Vine and Twitter followers. Read More

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Vine Celeb Curtis Lepore Accused of Raping His Viner Girlfriend

Curtis Lepore loving salsa. (Screenshot: Vine)

Young users of social–media–cum–video-app Vine worship a group of users known as Vine celebs. The self–made stars have giant followings and often take trips across the country to meet and collaborate.

Some become friends, and others start dating, as was the case with Curtis Lepore and Jessi “Smiles” Vazquez. Now, TMZ reports that Mr. Lepore is on trial for charges of raping Ms. Vazquez while she slept in October. Read More