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Best Tech Events This Week: DreamIt Ventures Startup Battles, Meet The Innovators And More


This is a guest post from Gary Sharma (aka “The Guy with the Red Tie”), founder and CEO of GarysGuide and proud owner of a whole bunch of black suits, white shirts and, at last count, over 40 red ties. You can reach him at gary [at]

Ok I won’t bore ya with all the BBQ-feasting, pool-partying, grumpy-cat-sighting, Snoop-Dogg-(Lion?)-schmoozing, secret-Daft-Punk-concert-rocking, late-night-shenanigans here in Texas! ;) Thanks again to MasterCard for having me as one of their #PricelessSurprises giveaway prizes during SXSW! :) Read More

Mo Money Mo Problems

The Average Venture-Backed Startup CEO Makes Approximately One Bajillion Dollars More Than You


Looks like CEOs of venture-backed startups–particularly those in the B2B arena–really know how to lean in. Nick Tomaino, an associate at North American Capital, published a post today exploring the average salaries for the executive teams at NAC’s portfolio companies. (It promptly hit the front page of Hacker News.) As it turns out, leaders at “expansion stage” venture-backed startups–or at least those backed by NAC–are sitting pretty atop a mile-high mountain of dough. Read More