Booting Up: Where Stanford Kids Learn to be Normals

Morning, sunshine! (Photo:

How do Stanford students get the human education they need to lead startups? Many of them take CS198, a program that teaches computer science TAs how to teach, but ends up being a crash course for future CEOs. [New York]

Steven Sinofsky–the dude who spearheaded the newly released Windows 8–has decamped from Microsoft. That doesn’t look bad at all, guys. [New York Times]

Yahoo Mail is reportedly working on a Gmail-like redesign. Just don’t expect that to attract any CIA directors to the product. [AllThingsD]

“The advent of 3D printers shows that technology continues to exceed the limits of gun control.” That’s a comment from a pro-gun group, by the way. [Animal New York]

Lockheen Martin–the top supplier to the Pentagon–has seen a sharp upswing in the rate of cyberattacks. [Reuters]