Brooklyn Coder Lauren McCarthy Wants To Cure Your Crippling Social Awkwardness

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In a world where your friends can now set you up on virtual blind dates, it’s hard to believe tech could be the solution to any uncomfortable situation.

Lauren McCarthy is a coder and an artist whose strange art experiments put subjects face to face with their deepest social anxieties. She might not be able to cure your crippling awkwardness — or her own, for that matter — but she has designed over two dozen tech-based performances to help you breathe a little easier, even if it just means making a quick getaway. Read More

The Stalk Market

Eavesdropping App Lets Friends and Strangers Listen to Your Conversations

Like this, only 2014. (Photo: wordpress.com)

If you’ve ever engaged in an epic shit-talking session and worried that somehow it was being taped, there’s a new app in town to legitimize your paranoia.

Called Crowdpilot, it enables you to select Facebook friends to listen in on a conversation, Forbes says. Alternately, you can pay a dollar for a crowd of strangers to listen and give you feedback on your interpersonal interaction skills in real time, if you really want to feel bad about yourself. Or you can leave the conversation open on Crowdpilot’s website if you really don’t give a toss about privacy. Read More