Credit Where Credit Is Due

Pinterest and Flickr Debut New Auto-Attribution System

The new look. (Screencap)

One of Pinterest’s problems: the overpowering temptation to post without proper attribution or regard for copyright. Rather than bet against social media users’ laziness, the social network is partnering with Flickr to ensure attribution is automatic and impossible to edit. By God, you will credit photographers correctly.

Images pinned from Flickr will now include the photographer’s name, the photo’s title, and a link to the original photo page. That holds true regardless whether it’s been pinned via link or bookmarklet. Even Flickr photos pinned from other websites–as long as they are still hosted on Flickr–will be tagged. Pinterest has also retroactively applied the change to older pins. Perhaps they’d prefer not to have a repeat of February’s little incident, where Flickr disabled pinning for all copyrighted images? UPDATE: It’s only fair to point out that Pinterest actually provided the code that enabled the disabling, which Flickr then quickly implemented.  Read More